How to stop Office chair from harming hardwood and carpet

Whether working at home or in the office, your floors really need protection from the damage that can be caused by chair caster wear and tear. Both carpet or hardwood will require a office chair mat. The majority of office chairs will have wheels so buying a chair mat will be useful for you. If you roll around on hardwood floors without a desk chair mat dirt will get on the wheels and scratch your floor. Office Chair wheels don’t like to roll on carpet a mat will help your wheels and floor last longer. When searching for a mat for your chair you should check if it is compatible with you height of carpet. Office chair mats provide amazing value by being inexpensive and protecting your floors from repeated repair. If you haven’t fixed chair scratches out of your hardwood you’re lucky it isn’t fun . Sanding your floor down on your knees can be avoided by getting a mat.

If floor damage isn’t the reason you’re looking for a office chair mat then you probably want to roll smooth. A mat for your rolling chair is the best way to roll smoothly on carpet. If you can’t roll your chair over carpet without it getting caught you are tearing up your carpet. The answer to the common question “Do you need a chair mat?” yes but there are other options.

Office Chair Floor Damageget a Chair mat

Best Office Chair Mat’s

Chair mats for hardwood floors are different than carpet mats. Mats for carpet should have a floor gripping bottom. Basically it sticks in the carpet so it doesn’t slide make you sure you watch out for this feature when shopping around. if you plan on putting it on hardwood you want a rubbery bottom that it does not slide on the floor. I’m not going to act like there are huge differences from brand to brand. When buying a mat for your office chair first make sure it’s for the right floor. Second, pick the size you want and you’ll have a good experience.


Office chair matFloortex Office Chair Mat

With floor mat lines designed specifically to protect either carpeted or hard floors, and a wide range of shapes and sizes, Floortex has the right design to protect your home environment. Come in many different sizes. Best office chair mat for low carpet.

  • Supported By Floortex Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Gripper back ensures stability for use on low to medium pile carpets up to 1/2″
  • Extremely durable Floortex Original Polycarbonate is high in clarity and does not curl, crack, discolor or smell—utilizes the same material used in the aircraft industry and the manufacturing of bullet-proof vests
  • Fully recyclable and eco-friendly manufacturing process.
  •  -rectangular with lip, clear, 35 x 47 mat size may vary slightly due to manufacturing process
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Best chair matOffice Marshal Desk Chair Mat

With the users needs in mind, these mats are ergonomically designed to allow for effortless movement of office chair castors (wheels), in turn helping reduce stress in the workplace and also reducing leg and muscle fatigue. A non-slip backing provides complete stability and holds the mat firmly in place while in use. Comes in black Most office chair mats are clear. A Mat with a lip so you roll back on it if you get off of it.

Best office chair mat for higher carpet.

  • Tough AND Sturdy: Made from long life polypropylene, these office chair mats are thick and sturdy yet very pliable to prevent cracking or shattering. Office Marshal’s polypropylene range combines premium floor protection standard with prices that you can afford
  • EFFECTIVE GRIP: Studded underside holds the mat firmly in place on carpet floors.
  • Suitable for use on low and medium pile carpets 
  • EFFORTLESS ROLL, STABLE GRIP: The unique surface texture allows your office chair to move easily while carrying out daily tasks, but has enough grip to maintain controlled rolling so the chair doesn’t skid around. Ease of rolling between tasks promotes comfortable posture and helps to considerably reduce the risk of leg fatigue.
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Office chair mat colorsColors Office Chair Mat

This mat has the same quality as other office marshall chair mats but It has a variety of colors. If you want your office looking more colorful i recommend this mat. Office furniture is mainly targeted at places with cubicles. In other word’s brighten up and make your office space you with these colorful rolling chair mat. Stays in place best on hardwood floors.

Recommended for hardwood.

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Best Castor Wheels for All Floors

chair mat alternativeThe Office Oasis Castor wheels are a great modification to your chair. First thing i noticed about these is that your chair looks better with roller blade wheels. Using these castor wheels will let you roll on carpet and hardwood without needing a mat. The factory wheels can tear up and get caught in the carpet.

Everyone on amazon is talking about how they dont have to deal with floor scratches or use mats.

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